Christopher & Elize

Invites you to their Wedding on 26 April 2020 @ 16:00

Our Special Day Countdown

26 April 2020 @ 16:00


Our love and friendship comes a long way and we would love you to join us on this special day.

Together, we invite you to share this wonderful day with us as we exchange vows and celebrate our Marriage.

True Love @ First Sight


Oh, what a day. It happened so quickly and so unexpected and a day we will never forget. We were both almost late for our flight to Cape Town - the check-in counters were about to close. We were the last two to board the flight.

And so it happened that we were seated right next to each other with one open seat next to us. I was on my way to visit my parents for the weekend and he was on a business trip. We just talked through the whole whole flight and the rest is history...

The Venue

The Nutcracker in Parys

The Nutcracker Wedding Venue
The Nutcracker Wedding Venue in Parys

The Nutcracker is situated on a Pecan Nut Estate along the banks of the Vaal River outside Parys. Our Quaint chapel has an airy feel and compliments the tranquil setting. Our Reception venue nestled alongside the pecan orchard provides an eclectic feel, bringing together a tasteful blend of Oregon-framed windows, wooden tables and chairs and beautiful glass chandeliers. Visit their website for more @

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