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Thank you for choosing our Bronze RSVP Package

We believe that you made the right choice. We are happy to help you get your Wedding RSVP Page up and live as quickly as possible.

Remember, our packages are all template based where the content of the RSVP Package you selected is replaced with your own content and photos. We only allow minor changes to these templates.

The Bronze Wedding RSVP Package includes:

  • Secure Interactive RSVP Wedding Invite
  • Your Custom Wedding Colours
  • Parallax Header Image with your Names, Wedding Date & Time
  • Mr. & Mrs. (Surname) Logo + Menu
  • Wedding Invitation with a Custom Message
  • Venue Name, Image and Map
  • Photo Gallery - 6 Photos
  • Two Parallax Image Sections
  • Secure RSVP Form Connected Directly to your Email Address with an Auto Responder

After filling out the order form, we will send you an invoice for payment. As soon as we received your EFT payment, we will send you all the necessary info regarding your new Wedding RSVP page as well as a general guideline of what is required before we can start creating your Wedding RSVP Invite.

Should you have any other questions, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us via our Contact page with your queries.

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