How Online Wedding RSVP Works

What you need to know about your new Wedding RSVP Invite

We take the hassle out of Wedding Invitations by putting your Wedding Invitation online - making it very easy for you to share your Personal Wedding RSVP link via Email, WhatsApp or SMS. Guests can RSVP online - hassle free. You get your own personal link to share with your wedding guests, for example:

We have three packages to choose from, replacing the package content with your own content and personal colour scheme. Online Wedding RSVP pages are template based pages where the content and photos are replaced with your content and photos. We only allow minor changes to these templates. For a custom page please feel free to contact us directly.

Wedding Invitations and RSVP pages consists of all the information needed for your guests about your special day - they just need to RSVP via the Secure Online Form which will send the RSVP form entry directly to your email address ~ even your guests will receive an automatic reply thanking them for submitting their RSVP. You can test any of our Package's forms by using the password: 123456 - this will give you a good idea of the RSVP form's functionality, as well as what the guest will receive as a reply.

As easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Choose the Package that suits your needs
  2. Make Payment
  3. Send us your Content

More about your RSVP Invite

  • All Packages is 100% Mobile Responsive
  • All RSVP Forms are 100% Secure
  • Custom Form Fields & Wedding Colours

More information before we can start

Full payment is required before we can start developing your Online RSVP Page. After we received your payment, we will send you a layout guideline for your chosen package so that you can provide us with all the necessary content.

After we received everything required for your RSVP Page, it will take approximately 3 - 5 days to have your page live. Thereafter you can start sending out invitations with your personal link to your guests via WhatsApp, SMS or Email.

Online Wedding RSVP Pages will be live for a maximum of 6 months - Your RSVP page, including all content will be removed a week after your wedding.

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